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Preparing your home for photos

Clean thoroughly
These photos are your first showing. Open all blinds/drapes and let as much natural light in as possible. Turn on every light and lamp in every room in the entire home.

Clear surfaces are less distracting and keep the buyer’s eye on what’s important – your house!

Remove personal items
We love framed family photos so your home will be perceived as warm and loving, but you may want to remove anything that says your children’s names.

Remove magnets, photos and papers from the fridge. Clear off the countertops. You can leave a few items like your toaster, spice rack or teapot. A vase or bowl of fruit adds a nice touch to a table in the kitchen.

Family/Living Room
Coffee/side tables should be cleared other than a few small décor items (groups of three look best).

This room tends to be crowded. Trey to make it look as spacious as possible with desks and bookshelves clear and organized.

Beds pristinely made preferably with bright pillows for a pop of color, dresser tops clear, window drapes/blinds open, desks organized, children’s toys cleared or neatly organized.

Clear the sink of all toiletries. Make sure the towels are crisp and neatly hung. If your shower has a glass door, make sure your grout is clean.

Replace burnt out light bulbs.

*If you walk into a room in your house and it feels slightly crowded or cluttered, it will definitely look that way in photos. We have heard on more than one occasion, “I didn’t realize how much stuff we had in the _____ until I looked at your photos.” (Most often it’s the office.)

As you declutter begin packing away all of the personal items, out of season clothing, books, toys, kitchen appliances, etc. that you can live without temporarily. “Less is more” when your home is for sale! Boxes stacked in an organized fashion in the garage or basement is completely acceptable and expected.